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RPing Advice and Discussion
Chasing Muses
Advertising Guidelines 
6th-Mar-2006 09:48 am

So, ya got yourself a Marvel rpg that's the bee's knees, but ya need players...so off you go to the assorted rpg ad communities to pimp your game.

Well, you can do it here too. Here's how:


1. It *must* be a Marvel 'verse based game: X-Men, Avengers, Spider-Man, Fantastic Four, etc...OR a multifandom game that has a generous sized Marvel character population. Somewhere, in the world, representations of Marvel canon characters must exist. It can be the most whacked out AU that ever AU'ed, BUT...it has to be at least somewhat recognizable as a Marvel Game.

2. ONCE a MONTH. You can post one ad per game once a month. Please don't spam.

3. The ad MUST be behind an LJ Cut with "The Name of The Game" in the cut-text. Since it's behind a cut, you can be as fancy as you wanna be with the banner of sparkly goodness. Just try and not get all carried away. Ads not behind a cut will be deleted.

4. See that little "tag" field down yonder? Tag your ad with "Ad"....makes it easier to find them for the Archive. Yeah, we're gonna archive the ads according to format (lj, forum, pbem, etc)

5. Make sure any artwork you use is work-safe.

And now, The Template:

(add in the formatting html to taste)

Universe: (616, Evo, Ultimate, AU, 616 AU with Ultimate elements, etc...)
Title Focus: (General Marvel, X-Men, Spider-Man, Runaways, The Adventures of Brother Voo-Doo, The Great Lakes Avengers, etc)
Name of Game: (with link!)
Format: (LJ, Forum, AIM, carrier pigeon, smoke signals, etc...)
Allow Original Characters?: (yes, no, yes with conditions, etc)
Mod/Admin Point of Contact: (email address, AIM name, whatever...a way of contacting a staff member for the asking of questions.)
Pimp: (The big sell. What your game is about, why it's so dang gosh groovy that people need to come and app, who ya need, etc. Try not to get too tl;dr (too long; didn't read...see? We're an educational comm!)

Fancy Banner that doesn't exceed 600 pixels wide. (if it stretched out the screen, it gets deleted)

There ya go! Happy Advertising!

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