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Chasing Muses
X-Project: 10 Years and Counting of Mutant Mayhem! 
9th-Sep-2013 06:49 pm


Old dog knows plenty of tricks.

Sure I could give you the whole 'play me, I'm Irish' line. But that wouldn't be me. What you see is what you get - an ex-cop, ex-superhero, ex-teacher, with a daughter who can't decide whether she loves me or hates me, a head full of knowledge and the craftiness of a weasel. Sure I'm getting on a bit, but I can still keep up with the game and plenty of life left in me and more than enough to put the fear of God into that son-in-law of mine. Go on, take a look. Because life doesn't end at forty. Or even fifty.

X-Project is an X-Men movieverse RPG on Livejournal. Set after X2, we've been running since May 2003 and use a combination of in-character journals and email/IM logs. There's a number of settings for a range of play, whatever your preference, and while we accept new characters we strongly encourage people to adopt one of our orphans.

Check out the Wiki and the advertising community to see what's available. Readers are highly encouraged! If you're looking for X-Men based entertainment, X-Project welcomes you to read along and enjoy the ride!

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