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marvel_rpers: the advice/discussion community to help you get your X-Universe RP on.

You have questions? We got answers!

Need advice on your Cyclops application? Want to know if your Spider-Man sample rp passes muster? Trying to write a bio for Rachel Grey and the Summers-Grey clan familt tree got you confused? Wanna start a Runaways rpg and need to chose a message board host? Are you the best Northstar that ever snarked and want to know of a game that needs a JP? Wanna discuss trying to fit a vampire plot into your Fantastic Four game? Need to locate some info on electromagnetic fields so you can play Polaris to anal retentive perfection? Well, get on over!

In here you can:

*get help with an application
*ask for advice on characterization
*get pointed toward Marvel resources
*get canon history advice
*help with powers
*get constructive criticism
*network with other Marvel rpers
*help/suggestions for Played-By's and avatars
*discuss fanon and how it applies to your rping experience
*ask for advice on starting a Marvel Verse rpg
*ask for advice about modding/adminning a Marvel-based RPG
*discuss anything Marvel/X-Men rp-related
*advertise your Marvel game*

What this place is NOT

*a snark community
*a place for one-on-one rp hook-up (there's a com called pick_me) for that. PLus we're not a pick up joint for your Bobby to find his JP.
*a place to spam
*a place to be a jerk

The Code:

Games discussed and advertised here *must* be from the Marvel-verse (be they AU or whatnot), so as long as Wolverine can do a six issue crossover, we're cool. Multi-fandom games are fine, too, as long as it's the Marvel aspect being discussed.

This isn't a rant community, if you need to vent bad_rpers_suck is that-a-way. So, please only post content that has to do with a character you play, or link to a game you mod. No posting someone else's bio or links to a game you don't like. Again: Not a rant comm...we just wanna help each other have the best rping experience we can, we're not here to make fun of people.

Please keep criticism *constructive*. No flaming, and try and keep the wankery to a minimum. Being featured on Fandom_Wank isn't an Interwebz Right of Passage--it's being called out for making an ass of yourself in public. And laughed at.

Ads can be posted once per month per game. The ads MUST be placed under an LJ Cut.

*Advertising Guidelines

The list of Advertised Games can be found Here.

[New!]: Wanna post some Marvel Fanfic? Please do! Just tag it "fic" and LJ-Cut the main body of text. Thanks!

Need anything community related? Contact a mod: magikfanfic or dreadpiratekurt